North Ings Farm has had several incarnations over the years, with both arable and animal farming.  In the 1960s the main farm site was converted for egg production, and until the 1971 /2 winter, relied entirely on dumper trucks for transport within the farm. That winter was extremely wet and following much discussion a light railway was installed.

The first feed train ran in November 1972, serving 5 of the sheds on the site.  It was later extended to cover all 19 sheds. Sadly, March 1981 saw the last flock of chickens depart. Feed costs had risen to the point where income from egg sales failed to cover them. 

Since then, the railway has been treated as a hobby, and additional locomotives acquired.  The line has also been extended to form a circuit from the main buildings to the lake.

In 1990, at the suggestion of the local council, the collection was opened to the public.  The collection has continued to grow and now also includes vintage tractors, barn engines and farm machinery.